School starts next Monday…well Tuesday for me since I only go Tuesday through Friday.

I’m cancelling my gym membership at LA Fitness, no sense in paying $30.00 per month when I have a gym at school which is equal distance from the house give or take a mile. The rec center they’re expanding is going to have 2 pools! They also offer personal training sessions. 10 per semester for free.

Anyway. I figured this is the best time to hunker down on this whole weight loss thing. I have roughly 4 months to achieve 20-30lbs lost. I think that’s pretty reasonable. I figure the more organized I am going into school, the better I’ll be both for my weight loss…as well as maintaining good marks.

One of the great things about my school is we run 3 farms near campus which supply a good amount of the produce that’s used in our cafeteria. Should make for eater right a lot easier.

We also have a sushi bar opening up. Too bad it’s not included in our meal plans.


I’ve done a pretty good job at holding strong at a loss of 5 pounds. I’m currently at 208/209. There’s two weeks left in the month so I figure I could lose roughly 4 more pounds by the time the month is up (factoring I work at 2lbs per week). I know in the beginning sometimes weight comes off a lot faster.

Anyway. Here’s to achieving the 160’s by the time Christmas rolls around!

I would love any recommendations on meals, clean eating, losing weight, etc.